Application Process

Process for Accepting Churches into Corpus Christi Baptist Association (CCBA)

  • Complete the Application Form and include a paragraph about why your church wants to join CCBA.
    • Turn in the completed application and necessary documents to the CCBA office.
  • Interview between Pastor and the Executive Director of CCBA.
  • Executive Director of CCBA brings report of the interview, the documents and a recommendation to the Adminstrative Team (Ad T) on the following types of churches:
    • Church Starts (Missions) of CCBA member churches
    • Churches with distinct Baptist heritage, whether they be Missionary Baptist, Independent Baptist or from another Baptist Association
  • Should there be any questions about a candidate’s church, the Executive Director will present it to the Adminstrative Team for an interview and recommendation. (Others subject to review)
  • The Adminstrative Team, upon hearing the reports from the Executive Director and interviewing those churches in question, will present a recommendation to the Executive Board of CCBA for a one-year non-voting membership.
  • For those moving from one-year non-voting to full membership the following process will be in place:
    • Conditional on the churches having:
      • Made regular contributions
      • Completed the Annual Church Profile for their second year
      • Interviewed with Adminstrative Team at least two months prior to CCBA Annual Meeting
    • Once the above are completed the Executive Director will bring a recommendation to the Adminstrative Team that the congregation be recommended to the Executive Board for full membership.