Become a Member!
We are excited for you to join the CCBA!
Here we will outline the process for joining, our constitution and bylaws, and finish off with a form to fill.
Application Process

Complete the application form and include a paragraph about why your church wants to join the CCBA.

Turn in the completed application and necessary documents to the CCBA office.


Interview between the pastor and the Executive Director of the CCBA.

Executive Director of CCBA brings report of the interview, the documents and a recommendation to the Administrative Team on the following types of churches:

-Church Starts (Missions) of CCBA member churches
-Churches with distinct Baptist heritage, whether they be Missionary Baptist, Independent Baptist or from another Baptist Association


Should there be any questions about a candidate church, the Executive Director will present it to the Administrative Team for an interview and recommendation. (Others subject to review)

The Administrative Team, upon hearing the reports from the Executive Director and interviewing those churches in question, will present a recommendation to the Executive Board of CCBA for a one-year non-voting membership.


For those moving from one-year non-voting to full membership the following process will be in place:

Conditional on the churches having:
-Made regular contributions
-Completed the Annual Church Profile for their second year, Interviewed with Administrative Team at least two months prior to CCBA Annual Meeting

Once the above are completed the Executive Director will bring a recommendation to the Administrative Team that the congregation be recommended to the Executive Board for full membership.

Constitution and Bylaws

We have read the Purpose, Constitution and by-laws of the Corpus Christi Baptist Association and desire to enter into a covenant relationship with the churches that constitute its membership. Our church has "doctrines and practices that agree in general with any of the Baptist Faith and Message statements adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention. And as an indication of our desire to cooperate, we covenant to do the following: 1. Participate in the various activities of the Corpus Christi Baptist Association. 2. Contribute to the Corpus Christi Baptist Association on a regular and systematic basis. (Member churches are encouraged to give 3%) 3. Submit to the Association each year the Annual Church Profile. (Applications will be considered by the Administrative Team and presented to the Executive Board at a regular meeting.)
Agreed to above terms by church action on this date:

Thank you! Your submission has been received!
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Please submit the following documents

Church's doctrinal statement which indicates doctrine and practices that agree in general with any of the Baptist Faith and Message statements adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention (or a written confirmation of a church vote to that effect)

Church's governing documents (e.g., Certificate of Formation and constitution and bylaws)

Completed simplified Annual Church Profile Initial contribution representing the amount stated on the application form

If a Church Start (Mission) - a letter from the CCBA sponsoring church recommending the Church Start for membership in CCBA