Constitution and Bylaws


We declare and establish the Constitution to govern the Corpus Christi Baptist Association [hereafter known as “the Association”] in an orderly manner as established in 1 Corinthians 14:40, while pursuing its purpose to resource the unique God-given vision of every affiliated congregation in fulfilling the Great Commission and Great Commandment both locally and globally.

Article 1 — Name and Purpose

Section 1

The name of this body shall be the Corpus Christi Baptist Association.

Section 2

CCBA resources churches to make Christ-followers of all people.

Section 3

On discontinuance of this organization by dissolution or otherwise, its assets are to be transferred to a religious or charitable organization that is qualified as an exempt organization under Section 501[c][3], Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended. Said organization is to be determined by the Administrative Team with the approval of the Executive Board.

Section 4

Our Values:
1. We value the historical fact that the Association was created by and for the churches.

2. We value and respect the autonomy and diversity of each individual church.

3. We value innovation by seeking to create an environment where creative thinking and continuous learning are possible. The stability needed to face our challenges is found in our relationship to Jesus Christ rather than our familiarity with a particular method or approach.

4. We value cooperation, believing that we can and must learn from one another under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. We seek to build stronger relationships among the churches through networking.

5. We value the support and participation provided by each individual church.

6. We value people. It is our belief that the most significant need of any person is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

7. We value the Holy Bible as the Word of God and the source of our direction.

Our Objectives

1. To help churches reach people for Jesus Christ.

2. To help churches develop believers for active service for Jesus.

3. To help inform the churches about what the Association is doing.

4. To help enhance communication within the Association.

5. To help churches do ministry, not to do ministry for churches.

Article 2 — Membership

Section 1

1. The Association shall be composed of messengers elected by the churches. Each church shall be entitled to one messenger for each twenty-five resident members or fraction of twenty-five. No church shall have less than eight or more than twenty-five elected messengers.

2. Mission churches sponsored by affiliated churches are a part of the primary sponsoring church’s membership. Mission church members are entitled to serve as messengers to the Association as a part of the delegation of the sponsoring church. The sponsoring church determines its own messengers but is encouraged to include mission church members as a part of their total delegation of messengers.

3. Pastors of all affiliated churches; the elected officers of the Association and the Administrative Team members are messengers by virtue of position.

4. Cooperation in the Association involves participation in the various meetings of the Association and contributing financially to support the purpose of the Association

Section 2

A church may seek to affiliate with the Association by presenting a letter of application to the Administrative Team. This team will determine from the documents received from the petitioning church if that church conforms to the guiding principles of the Association as outlined in Article 1, Section 4. The church will officially be presented and voted upon by the messengers at the next Annual Meeting.

Section 3

Each church shall send an annual report of statistics on the form provided and shall give such other information as shall be requested by the officers or priority teams of the Association.

Article 3 — Officers

Section 1

The officers of the Association shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The officers elected shall assume office at the close of the Annual Meeting. After asking for nominations prior to the Annual Meeting, the Administrative Team will propose such a slate of officers to the Association. During the Annual Meeting the President shall give opportunity for nominations from the floor. The officers will be elected by a majority of those messengers present and voting. Each officer shall be elected for a one-year term. The President and Vice-President shall not serve more than two terms in succession. Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall guide the President in parliamentary procedure.

Section 2

Any officer elected or appointed by the Association may be removed by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Board, whenever in its judgment the best interest of the Association would be served. Such removal shall be without prejudice to the contract rights, if any, of the officer removed.

Section 3

A vacancy in any office because of death, resignation, removal, disqualification or otherwise, may be filled by the Executive Board for the unexpired portion of the term. The Administrative Team will receive names and will consult with each individual concerning the duties and responsibilities of the office. The Administrative Team will then recommend to the Executive Board for a vote those individuals who are willing to serve.

Article 4 — Executive board

Section 1

The Executive Board shall be composed of the pastoral staff and up to five other people elected by each affiliated congregation, as well as members of the Administrative Team. [Paid staff members of the Association shall have input but do not carry a vote.]

Section 2

The Executive Board shall oversee the business of the Association between sessions, employ the Executive Director and define the duties and relation to the Association of all personnel and name such teams as are required adequately to perform the work of the Association. The Executive Board shall have at least three meetings each year other than the Annual Meeting.

Section 3

When deemed necessary, the president may change the Executive Board meeting dates or call a meeting of the Board at such time and place as may be found necessary. Notice shall be given to affiliated churches. The churches are responsible for notifying their Board Members.

Article 5 — Meetings

The Association shall meet at the time and place it may in regular meeting appoint. The Executive Board may call the Association into an emergency session with a notice of one week.

Article 6 — Authority

Section 1

The absolute autonomy and sovereignty of every church is not only cheerfully acknowledged, but this body shall defend the right.

Section 2

The Association may own property in keeping with the purpose set forth in Article 1, Section 2 of this Constitution.

Section 3

The Association shall determine the policies governing its activities.

Article 7 — Administrative

Section 1

The Administrative Team of the Association will include the following members: elected officers, leaders of the priority teams, two at-large members and the Executive Director [serving as non-voting facilitator].

Section 2

1. The duties of the Administrative Team, under the authority of the Executive Board, will be to transact all business of the Association between Annual Meetings, to monitor all monies of the Association, recommend the budget to the Annual Meeting, and to make a full report of all the meetings and business transactions to the Association at its Annual Meeting.

2. The Administrative Team will serve as advisor to the Executive Director and other staff members in making decisions.

3. Will oversee all budget and personnel needs of the Association during the year while being responsible for personnel policies and any proposed Constitution or By-laws updates.

4. Will determine the time, place and preacher for each upcoming year to be presented at the Annual Meeting.

Section 3

The Administrative Team shall meet as requested by the President of the Association or any two other members of the Team, or the Executive Director. The Administrative Team may call special meetings for a specific purpose by giving at least seven days notice. A quorum shall consist of a majority of the Administrative Team.

Article 8 — Priority Teams

Section 1

The details of the priority teams regarding the name, membership and responsibility of each team shall be found in established Policies and Procedures. The priority teams are accountable to the delegates to the Annual Meeting and/or the Executive Board. These teams shall be empowered to carry out the assignment given to them by the Association and the Administrative Team.

Section 2

Each member of a priority team shall continue to serve at his or her passion. Should a team member become a detriment to the team or the Association the person may be removed by a majority of team members voting.

Section 3

Team members shall select one member of each priority team as team leader and one member as associate team leader at the first scheduled meeting each year.

Section 4

Since team members serve at their passion, others with like passion may fill any vacancies. However, vacancies in team membership shall be filled at the team leader’s discretion.

Section 5

Unless otherwise specified in established Policies and Procedures, a quorum shall consist of those members present. The act of the quorum shall constitute the action of the team.

Section 6

Each priority team shall establish its own guidelines, protocols, scheduled meetings and rules. They must be consistent with this document to be considered valid. Any conflict shall be resolved by using this document as the authority.

Section 7

Consensus decision-making based upon established procedures and protocols will be encouraged in priority team meetings. All priority team members must be actively involved in an affiliated church of the Association.

Article 9 — Association Year

Section 1

The Association year shall begin immediately following the close of the Annual meeting and will run until the opening of the subsequent Annual Meeting.

Section 2

The fiscal year of the Association will be from January 1 through December 31.

Article 10 — Ammendments

This Constitution may be amended at any Annual Meeting of the Association by a two-thirds vote of the delegates present and voting, providing the proposed changes be presented in writing in a previous Executive Board meeting, or at a specially called meeting for that purpose. The proposed amendments shall be provided and included in the Book of Reports given out at the Annual Meeting.


Article 1 — Membership Procedures

Section 1

1. Any church desiring membership in the Corpus Christi Baptist Association shall present a letter of application to the Administrative Team at least two months prior to the Annual Meeting.

2. Prior to the Annual Meeting, the Administrative Team shall thoroughly investigate each church making a request for membership as to soundness in doctrine and practice.

3. Churches making application will be received after presentation to, and approval of the messengers at the Annual Meeting.

4. The churches making application for membership shall fall into either of two categories:

A. A church that has been a mission of an associational church may apply for immediate membership in the Association.

B. A church that has not been a mission of a church of the Association may apply to the Association by requesting inaugural status for a period of one year.

1. A church on inaugural status is eligible to participate in all associational activities and programs, with the exception of voting privileges, holding an elected position, or team membership in the Association.

2. During the year of inaugural status, each applying church shall be evaluated by the Administrative Team as to its participation in the meetings, values, objects and finances of the Association. Upon the completion of evaluation and recommendation by the Administrative Team the church shall be eligible to apply for full membership in the Association.

Section 2

1. Recommendations by the Administrative Team to receive new churches must be presented to the messengers at the Annual Meeting.

2. If a two-thirds vote has not been received for the acceptance of a church, the matter shall be referred back to the Administrative Team without discussion, to determine the nature of any objection and see if the differences can be eliminated.

A. After thorough investigation, the Administrative Team shall bring a final recommendation to the messengers at the next Annual Meeting.

B. If a two-thirds vote for acceptance of the church making application is not received at the subsequent Annual Meeting, the church loses its inaugural status and must wait until after the next Annual Meeting to re-apply for membership.

Section 3

Upon written complaint of unsound doctrine on the part of a member church, the Administrative Team, by majority vote, may recommend to the Executive Board that the subject church be suspended from membership privileges, awaiting action by the Annual Meeting.

Article 2 — Membership Procedures

Section 1

The Executive Board shall meet on the second Monday, unless it falls on a holiday weekend, of January, May and September. Any necessary changes to the meeting schedule must be approved by a majority of the members at the meeting prior to the intended altered meeting. Notice of the change shall be given to all affiliated churches. Each church is responsible for notifying its Board members.

Section 2

The Annual Meeting shall be held in the fourth quarter of each year.

1. All duly elected messengers to the Annual Meeting must register using registration cards provided by the Secretary. Only registered messengers are eligible to vote. Visitors are invited to register their attendance.

2. The Administrative Team shall serve to resolve any question regarding the seating of messengers and bring the appropriate recommendation to the AnnualMeeting. A three-fourths vote of those present and voting shall prevail.

3. A quorum shall be met when messengers from fifteen affiliated churches are in attendance.

4. There shall be no proxy votes at any business meeting of the Association.

5. An Order of Business shall be adopted at the beginning of each Annual Meeting. Any changes to the Order of Business will require a two-thirds approval of the messengers. The Administrative Team will prepare an Agenda for each meeting. Each affiliated church will receive an Agenda at least one Sunday prior to the Annual Meeting.

Article 3 — Rules of Decorum

When the Constitution, By-Laws, and Policy Manual are silent, the Association shall recognize the current edition of Roberts Rules of Order as its operating procedures

Article 4 — Fiscal Year

The Fiscal Year shall be January 1 through December 31.

Article 5 — Teams

Section 1

The Administrative Team shall be made up of the elected officers of the Association, the Priority Team leaders and two at-large members. The Executive Director shall serve as a non-voting member. Operational details shall be included in the Policy Manual.

Section 2

The priority teams shall be those teams recommended by the Administrative Team and approved by the messengers to the Annual Meeting. The teams will assist churches in the Association to carry out the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. Operational details shall be included in the Policy Manual.

Article 6 — Employees

The Administrative Team of the Association shall have authority to employ such employees, with the exception of the Executive Director, as may be deemed necessary to carry on the work of the Association. The duties of the Executive Director and other employees shall be set out in the Policy Manual of the Association.

Article 7 — Policy Manual

The Administrative Team of the Association shall make recommendations of policy changes to the Executive Board who shall have authority to approve a Policy Manual, which will include staff job descriptions, Administrative and priority team job descriptions, fiscal policies, and other items deemed necessary. This Policy Manual shall govern the operation of the Association on a day-to-day basis. The Policy Manual may be changed after presenting the proposed change to the Executive Board members two weeks prior to a regular Executive Board Meeting and voting upon the change at the Executive Board Meeting. The Executive Board may change the Policy Manual by vote of a simple majority.

Article 8 — Amendments

These By-Laws may be amended at any Annual Meeting of the Association by a two-thirds vote of the messengers present and voting. Proposed amendments shall first be presented to the Executive Board for recommendation to the Annual Meeting.